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Cro's Lineage Adventures
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Crotalus' LiveJournal:

Thursday, August 21st, 2003
12:03 pm
Event Halfway Over
Well it's a little past the halfway point in the big combo poly/drop event. The poly event ended with yesterday's normal maintenance. No more Dark Elf, Death Knights or Black Knights. Black Knight is an awesome casting mage poly and coupled with and extra +2 int from two Killglance Rings WhiteCrow had lots of fun. I'm looking forward to the next few days of increased drops.
So far....
Eva's Scorn (2) Thor's Hammer (one p/up off ground in IvoryTower Town)
Cancel Spellbook (3) Full Heal Spell Books
(1) Bzel (12) Nzel (2)Ndai
(3) Silver Serpent Scales

Current Mood: optimistic
11:44 am
Done, Done, Done and Done!
I finally finished my goal of having a level 45+ character for each class (until Dark Elves are released) . My Knight was the last to reach 45 and his reward was the right to commit suicide to complete the level 45 Royal quest. I like to think I am the first person to complete the level 45 Royal quest by killing all my own characters. After doing all of the level 45 quests I can say the Knight quest is the hardest by far. The Royal quest is a close second in the amount of cooperation required to complete and of course the Mage quest is the most expensive. Thanks to all the members of Natural Order that helped me along the way and finishing the quests.

Current Mood: grateful
Friday, August 15th, 2003
2:49 pm
Event Luck
Yesterday (day two of the event ) was really profitable for the Legion of Cro(Cro, Crotalus, WhiteCrow, DirtyDeeds, Tameshigiri). Yes, I know I play too many characters. Drops included 3 nzel, 1 ndai and bingo! Eva's Scorn. Tameshigiri also reached level 41. Today is also off to a good start. This morning Tameshigiri reached level 42 with lots of help from his new favorite toy,a +5 Eva's Scorn. During lunch WhiteCrow got a bzel, a nzel and full heal spellbook from Heine Dungeon hunts. Now I just need a bdai for my Eva's Scorn, of course a couple of mermaid rings would be nice too, then there's ogre blood, ogre belt, bowgun.... you get the idea.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
5:37 pm
Lineage Event
Well today is the start of the week long poly and drop event for US Lineage servers. Should be a fun time for all as we morph into superfast characters and scurry around killing everything that moves in search of the next big drop. So far I have gotten 1 ndai from a crusty and 1 silver serpent scale from an aste and we are only a few hours into it. Let's hope it continues to get better.

Current Mood: hopeful
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